Welcome to the Bridal Suite

We are so excited to begin this journey with you! Wedding planning can be very fun if you have the right guidance. The bridal Suite was designed to help you navigate through the next 12 months of your engagement. From planning your bachelorette party to leaving no detail unturned for your wedding day. Sit back grab a glass a wine and navigate the suite to plan your perfect wedding!

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where to find inspiration

Pinterest is fun we know, But Its outdated! The best way t keep up with current trends is definitely Keeping up with creative vendors who continuously set new trends and are not afraid to be different!! Instagram is our latest go to! Hashtags are your best friend, Look into #fineartweddings #finearttablescapes for beautiful inspiration. Another place I love to pull inspiration from is Italian weddings, Living in the valley you can easily recreate a wedding straight out of the countryside of Italy! Below, I have a couple of tip on how to find the ideal venue and what to keep in mind when doing your walkthroughs.

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The Venue Search

When looking for a venue always envision what you want the vibe to be, think of it as a feeling NOT a theme! Do you want your guest experience an al fresco dining setting, or perhaps a winery chateau? This editorial will give you plenty of inspiration.

Make sure when you are doing your walk through that you take a look at where you will be getting ready! How much natural light does it have? is there a spare room you can store all of your belonging without cluttering where you will be getting ready. Even the color of the walls matter!! If you have orange walls the lighting will be orange, if you have blue walls you will have a blue light cast. Look at the location of where you will have your ceremony. More light is always great but keep in mind that full sun will produce harsh images. Try looking for a location that is in partial shade, this means that the sun can be coming from behind trees or a structure.

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Finding a wedding planner

Your wedding planner is going to be your best friend for the next year or so, you have to make sure you find someone you can be comfortable with and also being comfortable telling them no! As creatives, we encounter so many designs and inspiration that we always try to share it with new couples! But remember that this is simply suggestions and you won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t like it! It’s important to stay true to your style and what makes you, you!

Sometimes a wedding planner is not in your budget and that’s okay, but make sure you have a day of coordinator!! your wedding will go much more smooth and you will be able to enjoy your day with out worrying if the caterer has arrived or if the rental companies set up your lounge in the correct section!

Preferred Vendors

One of the most important things to ensure a successful wedding day experience is having the right wedding professionals on your side! I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the best vendors this industry has to offer! I only recommend vendors I have personally worked with and trust. Although they do come highly recommended, please still do your research and make sure their style & reviews match your expectations!



We are updating our planning guide for 2019. With lots of fabulous trends we want to make sure we are all up to date!



We are updating our checklist forms for 2019, to be more interactive and easy to use. You will still receive your forms via email to ensure we have everything covered!