Your wedding day is one of a kind.  

Your story, the details that make up your day, they're all so important. 


The moments that make you stop, smile, and ask time to please slow down.

Let's celebrate accordingly!

Choose a photographer who is dedicated to helping you not only tell your story, but helps you preserve your day into tangible memories you can cherish for decades to come. 

Your refined taste and insightful mission to create an unforgettable celebration of love and togetherness has brought us together -– and the love of Mojitos I hope! 


Film by Taylor Petrinovich

You deserve

to celebrate without missing out on cocktails with friends

You're excited about having the best day of your life without spending all day in front of a camera, to share cocktails with your best friends, and dance the night away with the people you love. After all, when will the opportunity come around again? 

You want to feel absolutely radiant while we document your big and small moments- Knowing that your personality will be captured authentically.  

You need a wedding photographer who makes you feel confident in documenting the moments we know can't ever be recreated.   

But most importantly? You want a photographer who can capture the day flawlessly.  




We Value


Celebrations over poses

PURPOSEFUL  storytelling 


We Value


A Damn good cocktail by the pool

Family moments

the founder

Elizabeth Warrick

Based in Napa CA, Elizabeth brings a refreshing  eye to every wedding, and an abundance of knowledge to the wedding  world. 

 It's a true privilege to thoughtfully create the everlasting moments that will begin your legacy.  Having me by your side, your wedding experience will feel effortless – Knowing that you can celebrate with confidence and be authentically you.  

LOVES: Designer shoes, Traveling to tropical locations, Obsessed with dogs, a good wine & Coffee   

let's celebrate

documenting moments, Creating a legacy