How to plan the ultimate bachelorette party

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How to plan a bachelorette party

There are lots of parties leading up to your wedding. Engagement party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinners. But let’s keep it real, the one-party you are looking forward to is your bachelorette party with your bride tribe. Planning a wedding is already a lot. So why add to the stress of having to source all the cute matching one-pieces or the struggle of creating and sticking to an itinerary and making all the reservations?  I heard your SOS, and I brought the heat to show you how to plan the ultimate bachelorette party. 

Self renowned #bossbabe extraordinaire bachelorette party planner. Here is Abbie, to tell us all about how to plan the ultimate bachelorette party from GOT YOUR BACH! 

Hey bach babes! We are so excited to chat with you guys a little about having the #bestbachever! I’m Abbie, the CEO & Official Party Starter, here at Got Your Bach. We are a boutique bachelorette (and bachelor) planning company based in Dallas, Texas.  We plan parties all over the US and even internationally (Mexico and Bahamas!). Each bachelorette party is one of a kind and based on each bride’s needs and wants, and the obvious, the location, budget, and dates! Our motto is streamlining and stress-free so we make the process as easy as possible while being your right-hand woman through it all. From making dinner reservations at the top restaurant in Miami to splitting the payments individually among each guest, our processes make for the best bachelorette party ever with your bride squad.   

Planning a budget accordingly  – Location, dates, holidays 

Being transparent with your bridesmaids, and as a bridesmaid is crucial when it comes to planning a bachelorette party. Now wouldn’t be the best time to commit and later on find out that you are not able to follow through. So planning your budget accordingly is ideal.  Consider the location you want to host your bachelorette party in. Bigger cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Miami are going to be your higher ticket locations. Remember you can always find ways to take down the cost.   Get an Airbnb with a pool and hang out at the pool for a good amount of time and get groceries so you aren’t’ spending money doing activities and at restaurants. 

The date also plays a big factor when it comes to your budget. We all know that summer vacations will most likely be more expensive than an off-season bach. Consider having a spring bach in late February (but not during spring break time as prices skyrocket). This will keep the crowds low and the weather is great ( in some locations, CA, FL, HI, etc.)  Also, don’t forget your long weekends. These are dates that most schools have off and parents run off to take advantage of these dates. It’s more likely that it will be busier than usual.

Rainbow pool floaty for bachelorette party Bachelorette colorful matching bathing suites

Booking a Hotel or an Airbnb 

Finding the right place to stay is what will make your experience that much more fun. Deciding if you will splurge on an Instagram worthy hotel or Airbnb will vary depending on your guest count. If your tribe has more than 5, looking into a b&b would be wise. You would have much more space and it is easier to split within your party.

Consider the amenities you will have access to. Most hotels have in house bars and restaurants with room service as well. While an Airbnb will likely just be a place to stay and a BYOB situation. Location is also another factor when deciding where you will want to stay. While a hotel can be centrally located a b&b can be on the outskirts or in a more relaxed location. It all depends on what experience you want to have with your bridal party. When considering whether you want a hotel or Airbnb, think about the activities you’re wanting to do. If you want to do games or a lingerie party, remember you’ll want a common area for everyone to be in at once. 

Bridal party bachelorette party

Creating a cohesive and unique experience 

Creating a theme that is cohesive throughout the bachelorette party can be a full-time job all on its own. That’s why having someone who Got your bach is the best-kept secret to making this the ultimate unique experience. Abbie, from Got Your Bach is helping bridal parties all over the US create those dream parties you see all over social media. It’s easier when you have support when planning your bachelorette party. As vendors, we have access to a lot more than just amazon prime, and chances are we’ll be able to source ideas that are unique to each bridal party’s personality and not just copy trends of Pinterest.

Bachelorette party

Since you guys have heard about our tips and tricks for a bachelorette party, here’s how we can help YOU! We would love to help you create one of a kind experiences for your bride to be! Whether it’s our event branding package or a fully set up Airbnb before you guys arrive, we’ve got your bach! At Got Your Bach™, we don’t take the fun out of planning, we facilitate it with one-of-a-kind Bachelorette itineraries tailored to your squad’s #BachGoals. With access to our discounted vendors and exclusive experiences, we create Bach parties that break the internet and give your Bride-to-Be and her crew the Last Fling she deserves. We can help as much or as little as needed and we’ve got all the connections to make it happen. No #FOMO here™.  If you’re interested in hearing more, book your free consultation with us on our website, but if you’re also just looking for some bachelorette inspiration, head over to our Instagram page or Pinterest!  Let’s get this party started! 

Ready to start planning or have questions? I here for it! Slide into my inbox here. And check out some of our other blogs for more inspiration.

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