Wedding registry series Vol 1. Blueprint

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Wedding registry items for your home

Let’s dive into the top wedding registry websites and all of the essentials. I wanted to start this series off with one of the most efficient registry ever. I also have a little gift for you to download and use while you are adding essentials to your registry.

Top wedding registry

There are many websites now offering registry services, but our all-time favorite is going to be Blueprint.  Your one-stop-shop for anything wedding related. (and later on, if it’s in the cards even a baby registry) Blueprint offers a unique shopping experience that provides over 5,000 possibilities from your favorite brands. West Elm, Crate and Barrel, Anthropology, and William Sonoma, to name a few. Like a lot of platforms, you can also build a cash wedding registry for your honeymoon or wedding. Let’s talk about why we love it so much.


Favorite Blueprint Features

You are going to love this feature as much as I did. You can virtually add to your registry from any of your favorite stores. It’s as easy as Pining as you would for Pinterest! All you have to do is install the browser extension, and the whole internet is up for grabs. If you’re reading this and thinking ” ugh, but I already started a registry somewhere else,” Blueprint can even import your existing registry to keep it all under one roof. So easy to do and manage. If you’re a visual person like I am, you can shop by category with interactive graphics. When you hover over a section, it will take you to each section of the room. It is seriously a lifesaver when you have no idea what you should be adding to your registry. If you’re a wedding website kind of couple, they have some of the best templates and super easy to use. So once we photographer your engagement session, you can plug those gorgeous photos in there.


Essential bedroom items for your wedding registry

 Wedding registry list

Now that we know about Blueprint, I know you’re wondering where to start. That’s when the favorite feature part from Blueprint comes in. Start with each room and navigate through your home. I created an easy to follow and a modern checklist for you. We cover all the basics and even some fun techy items for the tech lovers in your home. (no x-box included, promise) DOWNLOAD THE LIST HERE 

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