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Wedding florals play such a big part of your wedding. Creating a design around your wedding florals can be a beautiful and romantic way to bring your wedding to life. Although you might not think wedding florals matter, I am here to tell you otherwise. Here’s the thing, even though flowers don’t last forever, they will live forever in your portraits. And we are huge fans of all the pretty little details! Let’s talk bout your options when it comes to selecting the right floral designer.

Romantic bridal bouquet

An Experienced Wedding Florist

Hiring the right wedding florist is just as important as hiring the right wedding photographer. Experience matters tremendously; knowing how to prepare flowers for your wedding day and making them look fresh and vibrant throughout the day is best left to the pros.  Working with someone who will anticipate the needs of wedding flowers on the day of is crucial. And simply someone who has many weddings under their belt to help you design your vision.


Wedding Floral Styles

Soft and Romantic –

This is a more modern look you will find in blogs or Pinterest. There are a million different things you can do with florals to create a romantic look for your wedding. If you want to keep your design minimal, consider using lots of greenery such as Italian Ruscus or Smilax for a more relaxed and organic look. From there, you can add statement roses such as the Graden roses, Quicksand roses, Capuccino roses, and even the elegant Mojalica roses. Another romantic show stopper is the Ranunculus, with its soft and airy petals. The Ranunculus adds texture and style to any arrangement or bridal bouquet!

Engagement bouquet

wedding bouquet

PC Honey Gem Creative

Ceremony backdrop

PC Honey Gem Creative

Wedding flowers

Lush earth tone bouquet

A Classic Look-

Don’t confuse a classic look with a plain or boring design.  A classic floral design can elevate any wedding venue to look elegant and refined. A Classic floral arrangement is a little heavier on the blooms with not a lot of greenery and will have a more round put-together look.  Classic arrangements contain lots of traditional roses and even some hydrangeas. These arrangements are perfect for a fuller look.

Bride bouquet

Summer center pieces idea

Ikebana Floral Arrangements-

If there were an award for floral arrangments, the ikebana would be award-winning! This has been on a newer trend, and I honestly would love to see more of it. Ikebana is a truly minimalist design, and could almost be described as a piece of art. Filled with length in the most elegant way, you will see the Ikebana design is structured with Sweet peas in an array of colors from pure white to beautiful nude tones, with delicate hellebores to bring in some contrast. One thing to keep in mind if you are considering this design– Find a florist that is an expert with the Ikebana style. Although it may look simple, it takes a talented florist to pull off this look.

Ikebana Wedding arrangement

Boho Wedding Arrangements –

The boho style is very different from all of the styles we went over. Boho is without a doubt for the edgy and free-spirited souls! This design can be bold and rich in color, or you can opt to use bleached or dried florals to create a warm ivory look. When it comes to assembling the perfect boho bouquet, you can expect to see beautiful pampas, rust-colored statement blooms, and a lot of texture. The boho floral design is typically lush and a very large bouquet, where the arrangements tend to be very minimal to compliment the rest of the design.

Boho Bouquet

Boho floral arrangements

unique table numbersMinimal boho flower arrangements

When looking for a floral wedding style, start thinking about the season you will get married in, and keep in mind that not all flowers are in season all year round. Some of the most beautiful blooms are in the springtime, from roses to peonies. The fall and winter bring on those reach colored blooms everyone loves. Florals play a massive part in anyone’s wedding day decor, designing your wedding starting with your floral colors will help set the tone to what atmosphere you want to create for your guest and how you will remember your wedding day in your photos.


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